the lamberts

My husband was the first to consider this couple friends and fortunately, when I married him I was able to adopt their friendship as well. I’m lucky to have them close by as we experience parenthood on a similar timeline. It’s amazing how much you rely on a support system while parenting. And since both having children, I think our friendships have only grown stronger. Their little girl is similar in age to my boys so when we get together for play dates it’s fun to see them interact–or should I say a lack of interaction and more just playing side by side. When they asked me to take family photos of their family I was honoured and of course said yes! It was this photo shoot that got me considering the possibility of photographing other families. Thanks for the inspiration! It was a pleasure to capture your little family behind the lens. Love you guys. XX


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I'm Myra, a photographer located in Stratford, ON. I started out capturing my two babies behind the lens and ever since my love for photography has grew and grew. This is my journey as I expand my photography horizons to also capturing your story in a beautiful way. Pull up a seat and stay awhile....

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