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I’m absolutely tickled I had the privilege of capturing my university friend and her beautiful new baby girl behind my lens. I couldn’t be happier for their new little family.

It’s such an insanely intense time after the birth of your first child–or at least I thought so! You’re still a bit shaky from the out-of-this-world birth experience. You ache. You’re sleep deprived. You’re bombarded with learning new parental tasks. You have hormones raging through your veins that can cause crying or laughing at any moment. But most importantly, you’re head-over-heels in love with this child you’ve just only met. It’s crazy. It’s wonderful. It’s absolutely exhausting. And yet, as a photographer I had the honour of just waltzing into my friend’s house in these intense first couple of weeks! Boy, was I lucky!

Besides taking photos of my own boys at birth, it was one of the first times I captured a newborn on camera. Looking back, I realize the complexity of newborn photography. As the photographer, i feel like it is my responsibility to capture the mother in a way that makes her feel beautiful even when she may feel far from it. I want the stills of the newborn to be just as beautiful as the beauty I witnessed in person.  And it is my ultimate desire the photos I capture shout ‘LOVE’ from rooftops….

I truly hope I checked all the boxes!

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! Welcome to motherhood dear friend. It’s without a doubt that you’ll be an amazing mom.

All the best & hugs,




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I'm Myra, a photographer located in Stratford, ON. I started out capturing my two babies behind the lens and ever since my love for photography has grew and grew. This is my journey as I expand my photography horizons to also capturing your story in a beautiful way. Pull up a seat and stay awhile....

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