The Mathesons

The unusually warm fall days have allowed for a few more outdoor photo sessions. Funtastic! I ventured out to this family’s country property at the end of November. Let’s just say… They were an absolute hoot to work with!

I often hope that when my children reach adulthood they will be my friends and actually want to return home to spend time with me.  As I was capturing this family, I thought to myself: This. Is. What. I. Hope. For. Someday. These parents are blessed with three grown daughters who seemed to be genuinely loving their parent’s company. Laughing. Silly jokes. Giggles. Hugs. It all seemed so wonderful….

And the bond between the sisters seemed so full of love as well. It was the first time in almost three years the three siblings had all been together. With home bases in Victoria, Rhode Island, and Toronto reuniting with one another is bound to be tricky. But lucky me… I got to be there on the reunion and capture some good ol’ sibling love. It makes me think the siblings should just all move back to the Stratford area. Then they could see each other on a weekly basis and I’m sure Mom and Dad would appreciate the move as well! 😉

Thanks so much for being such great sports when I got extra close with my camera. And for letting me capture the sister reunion!


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I'm Myra, a photographer located in Stratford, ON. I started out capturing my two babies behind the lens and ever since my love for photography has grew and grew. This is my journey as I expand my photography horizons to also capturing your story in a beautiful way. Pull up a seat and stay awhile....

2 thoughts on “The Mathesons

  1. I can’t recommend Myra highly enough. She made the photo shoot so relaxed, even the guys loosened up! Thanks for capturing in your lens what our family means to each other. Truly. xo


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