Meet Jane. My mother.

Meet Ruby. My grandmother.

These two ladies have been influential in my desire to be creative; beautifully and hence my reasoning behind the title, jane meets ruby.

I’d like to say I acquired a love for creativity from my mother. She has a talent of making something from ‘nothing’. Whether it’s starting from a tiny seed in her garden to creating a tasty, nutritious meal; or taking scraps of wool from an abandon thrift store jacket and turning it into a rug-hooked wall hanging; or using branches and vines from her woodland garden to make a wreath…. As a child I studied her and was always in awe as I watched her make something beautiful and original from a few simple things. It’s my hope I inherited even just a small amount of her creativity.

And when it comes to wanting things to look beautiful, I can thank my Grandma Ruby for the inspiration. She was the epitome of style. I mean, who wears pleather pants well into their ’80s? That someone was my grandmother Ruby. Although no longer with us today, I am reminded of her in myself as I attempt to beautify my old century home, don a daring outfit, curl my hair or apply bright pink lipstick. Grandma made me realize that being ‘hip’ never gets old….

Shortly after my first son was born, my husband surprised me with a Nikon D7000 so I could document my son’s infancy. Little did I know that capturing my baby would be the start of a hobby that brings me so much joy. Now two babies in, I love the challenge of trying to capture their innocence in a still shot. I’m tickled to know I can look back on the photos and recall their childhood.

So meet me. Myra. Just a girl inspired to find the beauty in the ‘simple’ of everyday and capturing it behind a lens. The beauty of oneself. The beauty of family–in whatever form that may be. The beauty of a house transformed into a place one can call home. The beauty of once just a seed; now a plant. The beauty of garden produce and the food we consume. The beauty of the innocent, spontaneous and forgiving nature of a child. The beauty of parenthood and all its’ imperfections. It’s my hope that from behind the lens of my camera I may present to you the beauty I see.

This is my story as I expand my passion for photography–beginning with my family to now having the opportunity to capture yours. It’s my hope that if forgotten in memory, the stills I captured will take you back to the beauty of that day, as if it were yesterday. Hope you like what you see! Pull up a seat and stay awhile….